Digital Tools

We use digital tools within the practice to help our clinical and non-clinical staff to provide a better and more efficient service to our patients.

Digital tools

In most cases you won't need to do anything to benefit from these tools - they work in the background to make your and our lives easier.

It's important to us that we ensure any information that we share with our digital partners is protected.

Catchment area If you live in or near our catchment area shown below, we'd love for you to join our practice.

Accurx is a messaging service that we use to contact our patients via text or email. Any messages that you receive from us, like appointment reminders, links to fill in questionnaires, requests to send us pictures, are likely to be sent through Accurx.

Find out more about Accurx on their website.

Hippo Labs

Hippo Labs makes a tool that we use to offer proactive / preventative care to our patients. Proactive care is the process of reaching out to our patients to improve their health before they become unwell. This could be through screenings (e.g. bowel cancer screening), long term condition management (e.g. for diabetes, hypertension), or public health campaigns (e.g. vaccinations, cervical smears). The Hippo Labs tool takes information from our clinical system and contacts patients via text or email to ask you to book in for the recommended care.

Find out more about Hippo Labs on their website.

Doctaly Assist

We use Doctaly to help safely manage and monitor patients at home who have certain long-term conditions such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension, without them needing to visit the practice. Doctaly sends clinical assessment reminders through WhatsApp, asking a series of questions about your condition and how you are feeling. Your responses will always be reviewed by a healthcare professional and if necessary, you may be contacted directly by the surgery. If your GP feels that you would benefit from this service, we'll let you know.

Find out more about Doctaly on their website.

We work with to supply ACR home testing kits to diabetic patients. You use the home testing kit and register the reading on your smartphone, then the results are sent to our practice. If you are a diabetic patient over the age of 17 and have not had an ACR test within the last 12 months, we may offer you testing through

Find out more about Minuteful Kidney on their website.

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