Why is this happening?

The merger is happening to improve patient care. There will be a variety of benefits for patients at both surgeries including:

  • An enhanced and improved selection of services
  • Increased access to a selection of services
  • Increased patient choice
  • Access to a wide skill mix of clinicians
  • More locations at which to see a clinician
  • Newly refurbished premises - a short walking distance from the existing Mornington Surgery site

Do I get a say?

Yes! We want to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you might have. This will influence how we carry out the merger. We are running a patient engagement campaign over the next few months including an online survey and virtual events where you can voice your thoughts and ask your questions. To fill in our survey, go here: surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KingfisherMorningtonMerger Alternatively you can email us on Feedback.KingfisherMorningtonMergery@nhs.net We're also hosting some drop-in sessions at the surgery. If you want to come and chat in person, feel free to pop in to the surgery on 2, 3, 4 March between 11am and 12pm.

For Mornington Patients – who/what/where is Kingfisher Medical Centre?

Kingfisher Medical Centre is a highly rated, local GP practice. We’re a friendly, experienced team who have been running GP surgeries for almost 15 years. Kingfisher is a newly refurbished, modern practice just a short walking distance from Mornington Surgery ( c. 10 minutes) on Staunton Street, Deptford, SE8 5DA. We have on-street parking and we’re also near to the bus stop for the 47, 188, 199, N1 and N199. We also have a branch site in Surrey Docks on Blondin Way ( here). This may be closer to you, depending on where you live and you can see a clinician here as well as at our main Kingfisher Branch. We have a team of dedicated clinicians and Dr Krishna, Dr Mary and Dharshika Krishna will also be coming to join the team as well, so you’ll have familiar faces at the new location too!

For Kingfisher Patients – who/what/where is Mornington Surgery?

Mornington Surgery is a nearby local GP practice run by Dr Krishna and Mrs Darshika Krishna. It’s located just around the corner – right next to New Cross Station. Unfortunately after the merger, this location is likely to be shut down so you won’t be able to access services there.

For Mornington Patients – do I have to do anything?

No! If the merger is approved, you will be automatically moved over to Kingfisher Medical Centre’s list. If you don’t want to be moved, you can let us know over the next few months and we will ensure you are not moved automatically. That will mean that you would not be registered with any GP when the merger takes place, so you will have to find a new GP and register separately. We will work with the local pharmacies currently serving Mornington patients to ensure the patients on repeat medication continue to receive their medication from their preferred Pharmacy on time.

For Kingfisher Patients - do I have to do anything?

No! You’ll stay registered at Kingfisher and you can continue to access the service as normal. You might meet a few new patients and a few new staff members, but other than that, everything will stay the same for you.


Mornington Surgery and Kingfisher Medical Centre are planning to merge to form a single GP practice. An exact date has not yet been agreed although it is likely to be later this year. 

The Mornington Surgery site on New Cross Road will most likely close after the merger and so all services would be provided to Mornington Surgery patients from Kingfisher Medical Centre and its branch site in Surrey Docks.  

Some of the Mornington staff will come over to Kingfisher after the merger including Dr Krishna, Dr Mary, and Dharshika Krishna, so you’ll have familiar faces at the new location as well as some new ones! 

Next drop in sessions at Kingfisher: 2, 3, 4th March between 11am and 12pm

Can't find the answer to your question, send us an email at Feedback.KingfisherMorningtonMergery@nhs.net

Want to have your say? Fill in our online feedback form at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KingfisherMorningtonMerger




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