Our Staff

We bring together GPs with other health professionals such as Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedics and Mental Health Nurses to provide the best quality of care for our patients.


All of our team are highly trained and experts at what they do!

Our approach ensures that patients have access to the full range of essential and additional services as and when they need them.

You can find out more about what our clinicians are responsible for within the surgery below.

Catchment area If you live in or near our catchment area shown below, we'd love for you to join our practice.
Receptionists & Administrators

We have a dedicated team of receptionists and administrators who work hard to support the smooth running of our practice by helping our patients with queries, booking appointments, referrals and other administrative duties. Our receptionists can also direct you towards other NHS services that are available.

Primary Care Paramedics

Paramedics are most often associated with emergency care. However, their skills are directly transferrable to primary care. Our primary care paramedics may be your first point of contact if you are presenting with new, urgent symptoms and need advice or treatment. Our paramedics triage patients, support and diagnose those with urgent queries and carry out home visits (when a GP is not required) and vaccinations. They either treat you themselves or refer you to the most appropriate clinician.

Practice Nurses

Our nurses plan and provide care, treatment and health education. For example, they can: carry out physical examinations; do cervical smears and pregnancy test; apply and removing dressings; give advice, education and information about health conditions and ailments, stopping smoking and losing weight; take patient samples, swabs and specimens, and checking pulses, temperatures and blood pressures.

Healthcare Assistants

Our healthcare assistants (HCAs) support the clinical team in the provision of services, treatments, health promotion and patient education. You could be booked in for an appointment with an HCA for: phlebotomy, wound dressings, vaccinations, new patient health checks and other health screenings.

Clinical Pharmacists

Our clinical pharmacists look after all aspects of our patients’ medication, including medication reviews and repeat prescriptions. Our pharmacists also meet with patients to help them manage long-term conditions.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Nurses

Our mental health and wellbeing nurses provide and plan care for patients with any type of mental health concern. They will discuss your concerns and support you in any way they can, by providing advice, relevant short-term interventions, or referrals to other healthcare professionals or mental health services.

Care Coordinators

Our care coordinators work with both our clinical and non-clinical teams to plan and coordinate the care needs of our patients. This involves working closely with patients, primarily supporting them to connect with local care services and become more in control of their own health. Care coordinators also often collaborate with a patients’ family to ensure that the care provided is truly patient-centred.

Physician Associates

Our physician associates (PAs) work under the supervision of our GPs to support in the diagnosis and management of patients. Our PAs can: take medical histories, perform physical examinations, diagnose illnesses, perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, analyse test results, and develop management plans.


Our General Practitioners (GPs) treat all common medical conditions, and refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment. They focus on physical, psychological and social aspects of care. Our GPs lead the rest of our clinical team to make sure that all of our staff are giving you the best possible care.

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